The next few weeks are the most important for the life of this church in recent memory. They will chart the course for the direction of this church for the next 2-5 years and beyond.

This is our future.

Please pray that all to find it in their hearts to make the right decision and share their resources, whether that’s in time, talent, or financially.

—Greg Schwarz

Leadership Council Chairman


Click the Link to see the PowerPoint Presentation from
Station 19 Architects, Inc.
Preliminary Drawings from Station 19 Architects
Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future Capital Campaign is off to a great start!
At the end of February, volunteers will be delivering pledge information and commitment cards to all households. Please welcome these volunteers warmly and keep the campaign and those who are giving of their time in your prayers.  
We are asking members to prayerfully consider their pledge to the campaign. All gifts are above and beyond your regular giving. Please do not take away from general operations to make a capital campaign gift. Thank you for your consideration!  
The congregation will be updated in March on campaign totals and next steps. This is an important moment in our church’s history and we thank you for your interest! 
Members of the Capital Campaign Committee met with Nicole Thompson, Architect from Station 19, to discuss plans.
Those working on the Honoring our Past…Building our Future Effort
Campaign Chair
Tyler Sunderman
Honorary Chairs
Elden Schwarz
Dale Sunderman
Campaign Committee
Dave Evans
Pastor Terri Horn
Jerry Johnson
Darrell Kolden
Kendra Miller
Greg Schwarz
Campaign Consultants
Michael & Whitney Davy – Mark Davy & Associates
Campaign Prayer
Gracious God, 
You ignited a spark that created this congregation and a flame that grew into your people today. Now your Spirit blends our legacy with the future.
Remind us of the abundance you placed in our lives, your gifts planted within us, and the Holy Spirit’s presence to guide us. May we lead with boldness that is softened with understanding, listen with kindness and speak with courage that is fueled by the Holy Spirit.
 Frame our decisions with clarity of purpose ‐ to be a church where lives are changed through Jesus Christ.
May it be well with our souls.