Where do you see Christ?

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We are RESURRECTION people.  But, what does that mean?  Where do you find Christ?
This is what our members said about their own faith and finding Christ. 
“I see Christ in the quiet of dark, the stillness of morning, the blue sky of day, a smile and a hug”.
Lana B.
“I see Christ when we take our beautiful granddaughter, Elsie, to the nursing home where Sue’s mother is and the people who live there light up when they see her. Then when she smiles, they smile back much bigger and reach out to touch the gift of young life. Life is full of His work and love”.
Wyatt B
 “I see Christ when someone goes to the front of the church to pray at the rail, in a closer relationship with Him. I see Christ in our fellowship times. When people who may not otherwise cross paths support each other….and, when I see a sunset so beautiful, I have to stop and take it in”.
Greg S.