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September Series:

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Part 2- Forgiveness

First, Jesus asks us to love our neighbor and now, to freely forgive. 
We are thrown into the battle game of light vs darkness: asked to both love and forgive while expecting team Jesus to win the battle for Eden. Are you on the field of the Kingdom or watching from the bleachers? Are you Jesus ready?     It’s Game Day. 
Sunday, September 10, 2017

Part 1-Love Your Neighbor

Hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes and nuclear threats?! 
!t’s happening again, those social media messages quoting scripture warning the END IS NEAR!
In the middle of the end, Jesus demands that we must Love our Neighbor. Natural disasters are great equalizers. How in the middle of the end, can we love? More importantly–are you Jesus ready?  

About Worship

Sunday Worship.  We pray, sing, engage in a message based on the Word, Sundays at 10am.  60 minutes in the Sanctuary, weekly.
Casual Communion is a mid-week refresh.  A short devotion with simple communion. 20 minutes in the Small Chapel, Wednesdays  5:30pm during the school year.
JAM Worship is high energy, kid friendly, filled with Scripture improv and a mission.  3-18 years old. 30 minutes in the Sanctuary, Wednesdays during the school year.  JAM also  includes a Meal at 6 pm and class until 7:30.

Holy Communion 

When is communion offered?  
  •  Worship- First Sunday of the Month at 10 am worship
  • Casual Communion  every Wednesdays at 5:30 pm   (during school year) in the Chapel. 
Can I take communion? 
This is the Lord’s table, not ours. Everyone  is welcome –no rules, no age limits, no membership requirements.  Just come.  
Can children take communion?
Yes! Children are welcome at any age to share in Communion. Jesus set the rules for children to come. 
Allergies? Allergy free wafers offered each service.

Coming with small children?

God put the “wiggle” in your children and we celebrate that! Take advantage of the nursery or grab a rocking chair and table in the back.  

Kid’s Church is available for 3 – 10 year olds following Children’s Time in worship.
JAM -Jesus and Me, meets Wednesdays 6:00 pm -7:30 pm. Includes meal, worship, and class. 3-18 years. Parents always welcome!
August 27, 2017

One God, Many Gifts

 Do you ever feel like your best effort isn’t enough?
Sometimes we struggle doing various jobs, but maybe God created us for more than struggling through day to day life. Hear how different gifts can glorify the kingdom. WithGod everyone can find success!  What are your gifts?   Allison Schwarz, UMC Intern
 July 30, 2017

The People of God

Meet Wesley Putnam: pastor, evangelist, storyteller, musician and in love with Jesus.
Join us Sunday Morning at 10 AM as  Wes shares his wit, storytelling, and gift for drama, dressed in contemporary characters based on famous Bible heros. The People of God come to life in our modern world. 
Kid’s Bible Quest also starts during our Kids’ Church hour-friends welcome!  

Summer Series:Old Testament 101:The Jesus Code.

Based on ‘The Epic of Eden’ by Sandra Richter.
Between Genesis and Revelations sits an epic journey; a love story filled with
evil mis-steps, lost inheritances and undeserved redemption.
Bring your curiosity and rethink everything you thought you knew about the Bible.
August 20, 2017

Part 8- the Anointed One

A country was in crisis.
Evil pushed and polarized the people who demanded a change- a new leader for the people. Who would rise up to bring peace?
Join us this Sunday at 10:00 am for the story of David, ‘the Anointed One’ ,when a child saved a nation and was crowned King.
Sunday July 23, 2017

Part 6-People of Shem

Chaos ruled creation, so God ‘uncreated’ it with a epoch event.

Safely stowed inside Noah’s ark was the future of God’s people—the people of Shem; all linked together by a flood, a mountain top, and an future heir who encountered a very different kind of God.

Wait–back up–who’s Shem?!

See you this Sunday at 10:00 am.

August 13, 2017

Part 7-The Sun, Moon and Stars

God’s people grew as numerous as the ‘stars’ but lose their light in Egypt. 
God picks Moses to rescue those ‘stars’ and lead them out of chaos and into…chaos? In the midst of their desolation, a new Light shines on them-the Law-a reflection of God light, like the moon reflects the sun, giving order and love as it was in Eden. Moses doesn’t it know it yet, but his story links the Moon, the Stars–and the Son.
Sunday July 9  2017

Part 4-Blueprint of Eden

It was the perfect plan, perfect location, and perfect life, God’s  blueprint of creation….
Eden was paradise, crafted by the Master for humanity to rule.There was just one caution- ‘a break it, you buy it kind of warning.’
Yet, humans wanted more than paradise; so in one single act of human desire, Eden broke and all of creation broke with it. 
Sunday July   16, 2017

Part 5 –Redemption of Eden

Eden broke and all of creation broke with it. 
Humanity dared to overstep God, ushering in chaos. Yet, Eden’s DNA was planted in human hearts. Could there ever be another Eden? This Sunday, we embrace the ‘rest of the story’, which is really our story–the Redemption of Eden
Sunday June 25, 2017

Part 2-God Persisted 

What is God stirring you to do?
Our ancestors took impossible journeys and risked failure to find success. Nudged on by an inner voice, a stirring in their heart, and a desire for something more, they pressed on.
Even when they wanted to give up, God persisted.
Sunday July 2, 2017 

Part 3-The Blood Covenant

Pinky swear vs Blood oath
There are promises and then there are oaths; games between children versus treaties between nations.
One is causal between friends and the other carries the weight of the family inheritance, even the fate of the world. 
June 4, 2017

Live in the Spirit

Pentecost- Christ’ spirit
alive for all to see and hear. 
What does it mean to
live in the Spirit?  More importantly-how do we
live in the Spirit today?