JAM (Jesus And Me)

JAM is kid friendly worship and class for ages 3-18.

Our Mission is to share Jesus.

We Worship. We Learn. We share.
 We love others as Jesus loves us. 
We make our world better because WE are the church.
Family Meal begins at 6 pm. Join us!
How do you teach kids faith? 
Start with a simple prayer before meals.
Prayer #1
God is great!
God is good!
Let us Thank God 
For our food.
Prayer #2
God is great and God is good,
And we thank God for our food;
By God’s hand we must be fed, 
Give us, Lord, our daily bread.
Prayer #3
Bless us, O Lord, 
And these Thy gifts
Which we are about to receive,
Through Thy bounty
Through Christ our Lord we pray.
Prayer #4
Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest.
May this food by you be blessed.
Prayer #5
Bless the food before us
The family beside us
And the love between us.
(Jesus And Me)
6-7:30 pm
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