JAM = Jesus And Me

JAM is kid friendly worship and class for ages 3-18.

Our Mission is to share Jesus.

We Worship. We Learn. We share.
 We love others as Jesus loves us. 
We make our world better because WE are the church.
Family Meal begins at 6 pm. Join us!

Jobs for JAM

We need your “GLAD TO DO IT!”


Teach 3 & 4 yro during JAM Wednesday class 7-7:30 p.m
Teach Children’s Church monthly: for 3-10 yro during Sunday Worship
Attendance Assistant: greet kids, welcome friends, count at the meal and during worship

Christmas Program Coordinator: 3 rehearsals and program on

December 16
Game Night Organizers: 3 game nights for 3-5th and 6-12th (Dates: 9-12, 12-12-19 and 5-8)
Substitute Teacher: for JAM and Children’s Church

Adults Among us: Join JAM monthly to sit with the kids during the meal and worship.

Please email Peggy if you are able to help! 
JAM (Jesus And Me)
meets Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm
JAM will not meet on the following days:
Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 21, Dec. 26
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