rel·e·vant/reləvənt    adjective: relevant

closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.

“the applicants experience is relevant to the job”

synonyms: pertinent, applicable, apposite, 

to the point, germane,
connected, related, linked…

“Face it,” the young millennial said, “The Church isn’t relevant anymore.  It’s not you. It’s the whole church in general—it’s just not relevant.” 

It felt like a punch to the gut.  Not relevant??  What does that even mean-not relevant? So I took a deep breath and said, “You have other things you would rather do on Sunday?” 

“Yeah, but it’s more than that. Church is just not important anymore.” 

“Well,” I said, ‘How do we make it more relevant?”

“You can’t,” the millennial said before walking away, “It’s bigger than you. My generation doesn’t need church like you did. You can’t change that.”

Under my breath I muttered, ‘Watch me, I have ‘connections’.”
I went straight to my connection, a hot-line to God to complain who threw it right back at me.   Connections.  That is the point, isn’t it? It’s the mission of the church, sharing a meaningful connection with Jesus Christ, greatest hero of the universe. But, how many of us have ever shared even one personal story of that relationship with our kids?  They only know what they see or hear.  If we hold all those spiritual stories of connections deep inside our Minnesota niceness, well…our kids will never know a single reason for being connected to Jesus, let alone attend the church that points the way. 
We will just be a bunch of nice people visiting on Sunday morning.
Church, I have to tell you something.  It’s not me, it’s you. Millennials expect it from me, but you—that’s proof that church is more than nice people.  Why?  Because, if we have no story after claiming a lifetime of a relationship with Jesus Christ, then there is no relevance and the millennials are right. Church, in the name of Jesus, show the millennials why!  Share YOUR faith stories about ‘why Jesus matters’. Share it out loud so our kids hear it!  Write it, claim it, speak it at JAM, put it the newsletter, or post it on our web site.
But, don’t hold it in! Faith is NOT personal; it is meant to be shared! Faith in Jesus Christ IS relevant-for millennials, Gen-X, baby boomers, and the next ones coming!


Be bold. Be faithful. Be connected. Be relevant.—SHARE YOUR STORY.