Holy Communion, Eucharist, Breaking Bread and Sharing the Cup…

Communion 2

It has many names, but the same spiritual act. All point to a mysterious Holy moment between God and us, grace given through the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup. Jesus taught us, the first disciples followed, and soon Christians all over the world met together share in this common meal , to remember Jesus, his life, his love, his courage, and his selfless act on the cross that saved people from sin and death.

Wednesdays 5:30 pm at LeSueur UMC- just 20 minutes, in the small chapel.   (Sept – May) 

Jesus said to do this to remember him and Paul reminded
Christians everywhere to share in Holy Communion often. Now, we offer a mid-week Holy Communion, to stop, breathe, and remember Christ and share in the greatest mysteries of all.
Sunday’s not an option? Stop in for Holy Communion on Wednesdays. God will be there, too